Google Places

If you have a local business and you’re not listed and optimized in Google Places, you are missing out on new customers. Google may have already created a page for your business, but you still need to claim it. It can be difficult to control your page if someone else should takes ownership. Here are some basic things you can do to increase customer traffic using Google Places.

1. Create Google Places Page if one isn’t setup.
2. Verify Google Places Page.
3. Optimize Places Page
4. Get citations

You do not need a website for Google Places. You can even advertise using Google Places to whip up some instant activity in your business. Google Places and Local Search are connecting buyers that are ready to buy a good or service; particularly on mobile devices. When someone types in “pizza” or from a mobile device, they are looking for the closest provider to buy a pizza now! You want your business to be in the top spots to get these ready buyers. Local Search and Mobile Search are where the highly targeted buyers with immediate needs are going to in astonishing numbers. Claim your Google Places Page today.

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