QR Codes and QR Code Reader are Coming and They are Going to be Huge!

What’s a QR Code? QR Code stands for “quick response code”
which are like bar codes but QR Codes hold many more times the information of a
bar code. Bar codes are one dimensional and can only hold 20 numerical digits.
QR Codes are 2 dimensional and can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of
information.  The capacity of QR Codes to hold great amounts of information makes
them a fantastic marketing tool for business. QR Codes require a QR Code Reader
to interpret. QR Code Readers can be downloaded as apps on smartphones. After
the user has downloaded a QR Code Reader, they are able to scan a QR Code
much like taking picture. The QR Code can take the user to any website, video,
inventory, real estate listing, sales promotion, or any digital content. The different
uses of this technology are just now being discovered. Creativity is the key as the
best applications are yet to come.


The ability to use QR codes to link people to multimedia digital content will be the
next big new thing in the North American Market.  Toyota developed the technology
in 1994 and has been popular in Japan, but now the rise of smart phones has made
adopting the technology a no brainer for small business in the U.S.

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